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Moz Night

We began drinking at 3pm.

Pao, Clem, Law and I met at Lilystar’s HQ for a photo shoot. Its always a bit rough for me to pose without some sort of social lubricant, so I brought along a litre of Absolute Blue. We got dressed and Daphne took some pictures.

It wasn’t long till Pao and Sarah (Turbo Goth) introduced us to their little friend. Jose Cuervo. Antonette’s mom hooked us up with some Shakey’s. By then the sun had already set and it wasn’t too long till we had to head out to the studio to rehearse the songs on the set list.

The Moz covers we did were: Suedehead, The More You Ignore Me The Closer I Get, Interesting Drug and The Last Of The International Playboys.

Here’s where it got hazy.

Lots of people. Lots of flowers. The Bernadettes. Turbo Goth doing Get Behind Me Satan. My family showed up. Standing on the drum set. It was hot. Steamy. We played a great show.


Cheska and I met up with my family at Whistle Stop. I had 6 shots of Chivas, A Baconsilog, A burger, Salpicao, a tapsilog, Coke Zero, Iced tea and a key lime pie…. Got home.

Sweet Dreams.

Ian Sarabia

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