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Fronting Club 8

This post maybe tardily published. But the excitement and enthusiasm we felt about our Club 8 experience  last May will always be relived thru a series of videos we uploaded on our YouTube account.

Opening for Club 8 gave us two very distinct opportunities. First, to be backed-up for the first time by a 10-piece Rondalla ensemble consisting of banduria and octavina players. (See videos 1 – 3) And secondly, to jam with Ian Zafra, guitarist of  Sheila and the Insects, and Bachie Rudica, drummer of The Gentle Isolation. (See videos 4 – 7).

Day 1 | May 14, 2010 | SMX Convention Center
with The Flumaviron

Vid #1  – I Love You, Natalie

Vid #2 – Canto De Maria Clara

Vid #3 – Clinically Dead For 16 Hours

Day 2 | Ma4 15, 2010 | Cebu International Convention Center
with Ian Zafra of Shiela and The Insects

Vid #4 – Markers of Beautiful Memories

Vid #5 – There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

Vid #6 – Clinically Dead For 16 Hours

Vid #7 – The Emperor, The Concubine and The Commoner

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