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And So It Happened…

And so it happened. It was partly intimate, partly nostalgic. It also felt like the four-year inactivity never happened. A little rusty yes, but nothing a few immersion in our rehearsal space can’t fix. But most importantly, we had fun. Seeing old friends/fans (some of them flew to Manila), brother bands who supported, meant a lot to us. We played to a full house despite the busy December weekend. And we debuted a new guitarist (who is actually the bassist of Dragonfly Collector) to back us up, after learning my guitar stylings as well as that of Johnny Marr’s with only a few weeks notice. It was indeed a wonderful evening and we are really glad to be back.

The Camerawalls at The POP Shoppe

The POP Shoppe! @ 70s Bistro. 12/10/16 – Photo by Eddie Boy Escudero

The Camerawalls at The POP Shoppe!

Played to a full house!

Our set list that night:
1. Markers Of Beautiful Memories
2. Clinically Dead For 16 Hours
3. I Love You, Natalie
4. The Sight Of Love
5. Bread and Circuses
6. My Life’s Arithmetic Means
7. Suedehead
8. There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
9. This Charming Man
10. The Emperor, The Concubine & The Commoner

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