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For The Pains of Being Pure at Heart

Opening for The Pains of Being Pure at Heart during their visit in Manila has been a wonderful gigging opportunity. Thanks to Mario De Castro of Gweilo Bar and Joff Cruz of Kindassault. It's our third time to do front act for a popular foreign band and our first time at Hardrock Cafe.

Early at the venue for sound check, we were able to catch the members of TPOBPAH. A quick photo with Kip Berman was good enough for us. Aside from Peggy Wang, Alex Naidus, and Kurt Feldman, there's a fifth member who climbed on stage. Later on we realized he's Connor Hanwick of The Drums sessioning on guitars, giving their live stint a fuller sound.

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How I Became A Camerawall

Many of my friends were asking how and when did I join The Camerawalls. There's actually a very short story about it, so here I go...

Clementine, Law, and I were friends since 1999, that's when the Orange and Lemons days started. I was with another band back then, doing alternate gigs with them in a certain bar in Bulacan. After many years, we remained friends and kept in touch through chat and text messages. The last time I saw ONL was 2006, when Clem invited me to come over and watch their gig at 70's Bistro. Then I heard about the band's break-up a few months after.

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2011 Highlights: Out of the Cocoon and Into the Sun

There was a lull in terms of recording and releasing new materials for The Camerawalls in 2011. It was a tough year, and with the ever-changing musical landscape and distribution, we felt it's better to postpone any plans. Bread and Circuses EP was more like a "chop suey" served during a lengthy cocoon stage of the band. As times changes so do we. The year that passed has tested our adaptability to changes.

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Post Halloween Post

If any of you are wondering how we rolled during Halloween, these photos by our dear friend Jeff Saw taken during The POP Shoppe! Halloween Party at Route 196 will tell you.

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