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Canto De María Clara

Poetry by Jose Rizal
Music by Clementine

Dulces las horas en la propia patria
Donde es amigo cuanto alumbra el sol,
Vida es la brisa que en sus campos vuela,
Grata la muerte y más tierno el amor!

Ardientes besos en los labios juegan,
De una madre en el seno al despertar,
Buscan los brazos a ceñir el cuello,
Y los ojos sonríense al mirar.

Dulce es la muerte por la propia patria,
Donde es amigo cuanto alumbra el sol;
Muerte es la brisa para quien no tiene
Una patria, una madre y un amor!



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  1. sami cezar #

    hi mr. clementine. im a fan of your band and would like to make a 3D animated music video of canto de maria clara. however ive been rejected 3x already for my weak concepts. i would appreciate it very much if u could help me in creating a concept

    July 21, 2015
  2. bea #

    mga ganitong banda ang nirerespeto!

    September 14, 2011
  3. hi sir clementine! i also want to get a copy ng chords ng song na to. we’re goin to have an induction spanish theme and i thought of singing this song sa program..hehe thanks po ng marami and Godbless!

    August 27, 2011
    • Hey, will try to post the chord sheet within the week.

      August 27, 2011
  4. kenneth #

    The Camerawalls is one of great band of the philippines ! The sound of your band is simply relax, cool, and melodic ! Astig ! ;’)

    August 8, 2011
  5. bipolarmatic #

    Camerawalls! Maraming salamat sa napakagandang musika! Sarap po sa tenga! Nakakatuwa at worth it yung album niyo! Hope to hear more from you guys! haha YAY!

    April 6, 2011
  6. rico #

    sir salamat sa chords ng canto de maria clara. Sir if ever n bumalik k n ulit sa mainstream at gumawa ulit ng album pkisama u p rin ung canto de maria clara.ikaw lang ang music artist sa pinas na gumagamit ng banduria at octavina sa iyong musika. galing talaga, iba ang konsepto u. ung iba gumagamit ng mga violins pero sau, s halip n gumaya, rondalla instruments ang ginamit u. ang canto de maria clara ang isa sa pinakamagandang musika na aking narinig sa buhay ko. lumuha ako nung una ko itong narinig at npnood sa youtube. mabuhay ka clementine. mabuhay ang the camerawalls at mabuhay ang musikang pinoy

    November 12, 2010
  7. rico #

    sir, napakaganda ng musika mo. isa ka sa mga hinahangaan ko na music artist. i admire ur guitarplaying khit noon pa man sa ONL. Ang mgnda s musika u ay gumagamit ka ng banduria at octavina pagpapatunay na ngbbgay respeto k s musika nting pinoy. sir pde ba malaman ung chords ng canto de maria, isa po ito sa pinakamgandang musika n npkinggan ko s buhay ko. salamat at gudlak sa the camerawalls.

    November 10, 2010
  8. Sir Clem paki post naman po ung chords ng Canto De Maria Clara po ninyo kung ok lang po kasi ung launch ng album nyo sa club dredd parang naka naka capo ung gitara nyo nun,,pwede po ba malaman po ung chords??

    February 12, 2010
  9. aldwin #

    how did he done it..plz sir email ma an answer..

    February 10, 2010
  10. Kenneth John #

    May I know what does this is all about? 🙂
    It sounds good without even knowing what the lyrics means :p

    November 18, 2009
    • Maria Clara is a character in Jose Rizal’s novel “Noli Me Tangere.” She is the sweetheart of Ibarra Crisostomo. Later, upon hearing of his death, she becomes a nun. The poem can be found on Chapter 23 and is translated in different languages. Jose Rizal is the National Hero of the Philippines.

      Here is an English translation i found on the web.


      Sweet are the hours in one’s own Native Land,
      All there is friendly o’er which the sun shines above;
      Vivifying is the breeze that wafts over her fields;
      Even death is gratifying and more tender is love.

      Ardent kissed on a mother’s lips are at play,
      On her lap, upon the infant child’s awakening,
      The extended arms do seek her neck to entwine,
      And the eyes at each other’s glimpse are smiling.

      It is sweet to die for one’s Native Land,
      All there is friendly o’er which the sun shines above;
      And deathly is the breeze for one without
      A country, without a mother and without love.

      November 18, 2009
    • homer #

      wow! sir clem i never thought you are patriotic too. You gave honor to our national hero.

      February 4, 2010
    • aldwin #

      sir..i just want to ask of did rizal done these poem “the song of maria clara

      February 10, 2010
    • Canto De Maria Clara (Awit Ni Maria Clara) is a poem written by Jose Rizal and can be found in Chapter 23 of his novel Noli Me Tangere.

      February 10, 2010

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