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Lizards Hiding Under Rocks

Words by Ian Sarabia
Music by Clementine

Manila fills its streets with all the desperate
Desperate for some change but they don’t know what
The boys they try too hard to be action heroes
But they all end up being pretentious geeks
And from behind their masks they are nothing but phoney

Lizards hiding under rocks

The town is reeking from the stench of insecurity
Desperate to be liked at any cost
The girls exchange their honor for attention
It’s something that they just can’t get enough
They’re the walking embodiment of over compensation

Lizards hiding under rocks

Never say anything
In front of anyone who can’t understand
I just want to be myself
But everybody tries to make you just like them
The moment you try
Kiss it goodbye

You sleep so soundly my pure, little baby
Untouched by the claws of an evil world
I dearly hope you don’t end as statistic
I’ll give my life to save yours from everyone
From the reach of all those manic and jaded masses

We’ll be lizards hiding under rocks.



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  1. Vic Ryan #

    Definitely my fave song in this album. The statement on how boys end up being pretentious while girls losing their dignity is indeed relevant in our time. Thanks Ian. Thanks Clem. Anyway Clem, is your Solo album out? or still in process. Sorry kinda not updated. Anyways, excited for that. Keep up the good work, more power.

    August 6, 2016

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