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OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Movements In The Camerawalls

May 4, 2010

We are officially announcing that Ian Sarabia is no longer a member of The Camerawalls effective May 03, 2010. A formal meeting held between Lilystars Records Management and The Camerawalls’ members on the date mentioned was closed with the quorum’s acceptance of Ian’s resignation from the band. Due to personal reasons, preferences and his association with other bands also as a drummer, Ian unfortunately decided to leave The Camerawalls.

Based on the The Camerawalls’ band agreeement, all decision making for the band must always be unanimous, therefore, all endeavors of The Camerawalls in the past had always been agreed on by all band members.

Further to this, we also officially announce that Paolo Peralta, a member of The Camerawalls since October 2009, has decided to leave the band in order to focus on his original band, Turbo Goth, and their preferred musical direction.

It is with deep regret that Lilystars Management and The Camerawalls’ remaining members accepted their decisions. The Lilystars family, Management and its other artists sincerely thank Ian and Paolo for their valuable contribution to The Camerawalls. We wish them well as they pursue their personal and professional planned endeavors.

Rest assured, The Camerawalls will continue to bring you great music. Watch out for more exciting news and updates coming your way soon. What’s more, catch The Camerawalls as they open for one of the most exciting indie pop events of the year, “Club 8 Live In The Philippines,” on May 14 in Manila and May 15 in Cebu. For more information log on to


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