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Ex-Orange & Lemons Gets Flashy With His New Band – The Camerawalls

FHM Philippines – September 2008 Issue

FHM: You moved on pretty fast. Tell us how the band came about.

CLEMENTINE: The last gig of Orange & Lemons was August 2007, sa California. After that, hindi pa rin ayos so we broke up. Then immediately after I hooked up with these guys who were actually old friends of mine. Law was the original bassist of Orange & Lemons, while Ian has been a friend since 2003.

FHM: Why did O&L split, anyway?

CLEMENTINE: Because of musical direction and musical differences. We had to take into account the business side and I, for one, was against over-commercializing our original music. Another reason was misunderstanding.

FHM: Are you still friends?

CLEMENTINE: No, we aren’t. We’re not in good terms but let’s just say na wala na lang pakialaman. I won’t tell you anything bad about them and vice-versa. What happened has happened and I have no regrets. I’m happier now.

FHM: How would you differentiate the old band from The Camerawalls?

CLEMENTINE: Camerawalls is more collaborative. Dati, (with ONL) collaborative sya but as the albums came out, one after another, most of the stuff nanggagaling sakin. I wanted a more collaborative effort but the thing is, if you’re not suggesting, then it’s not collaboration, right? The table is always open but walang contest lagi. Now, I find it more exciting to work because narooon yung enthusiasm, from each member. Hindi spoon-fed.

FHM: So tell us about your new record, Pocket Guide To The Otherworld.

CLEMENTINE: In the first song, “Markers of Beautiful Memories,” which also is our single, there is a line that goes: “I carry a torch and a pocket guide/to the markers of beautiful memories.” We liked the word “pocket-guide.” The songs is also a celebration of life-changing events that happened to me and to us as a band. In the album, you will hear references to my personal experiences–changing bands, my surreal moments with muses. I did a cover of an old Rizal poem, “Canto De Maria Clara,” which I sang in Spanish. I made an epic poem which we turned into a song, “The Emperor, The Concubine & The Commoner.” We used rondalla instruments here, too.

FHM: Who is Natalie in your song “I Love You, Natalie”?

CLEMENTINE: Natalie is my ultimate muse for this album. One hundred percent of the words in the album are, i think true because very personal ang approach namin sa songwriting.

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  1. uub nga sino si Natalie? I wish ako si Natalie .lol

    June 20, 2011
  2. Hahaha…Astig Kasi Ang TCW..Di kagaya ng iba…hehe…some of their songs was twisted..kung baga english yung kanta pero may halong filipino culture ang dating ng tunog at musika hehe…

    March 3, 2010

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