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Songs For The Road

An excerpt from S Magazine – March 2010
by Kap Maceda Aguila

If you’re anything like me, you hate driving in silence—and I don’t mean you ceaselessly yak to yourself or your passengers, either.

I’m talking music, of course. I believe that the road is meant to be enjoyed with pre-recorded music or (in moderate doses) even mindless ramblings of a self righteous radio commentator.

Why subject yourself to such distractions as reckless bus drivers, daydreaming pedestrians, and corrupt traffic enforcers when you can let music reshape the experience? This is especially useful when you find yourself hopelessly mired in traffic or gridlock, and aren’t really in the mood to pick your nose like the driver of the SUV beside you.

That being said, music is my comfy security blanket. You’d never see me without my iPod and bud earphones. I’d probably be deaf when I’m 40 but; hey, as the late lamented Tower Records in the Philippines declared: music is life. The everyday commute is especially crucial; I do not suffer morons behind the wheel gladly.

My choices for background music are admittedly diverse. I could be listening to comforting din and stop-and-go crunch of Helmet one day, then trip out on Moffatts the next just to get a rise out of Joyce. Truth be told, I’m still hooked to Owl City these days—those infinitely catchy electronic hooks rewiring my mood circuits into sheer-joy mode. Now, I’m listening to Teenage Fanclub’s “Bandwagonesque” album – a true gem of the ’90s.

Weaseling out of committing my faves onto paper has been rendered a lot easier because the following have so kindly given in to pressure to give me their choices. Thanks, friends!

Clementine, Singer/Songwriter/Musician/Label Manager
Music becomes Clementine with his band The Camerawalls

The main man of The Camerawalls first came to public attention many years ago via that band we all remember as Orange & Lemons. After falling out with his bandmates who wanted to go more commercial (i.e. sell out), Clem lost no time and formed another band. These days, he also manages his indie label Lilystars which in turn is discovering and promoting great bands and acts.

His choices?

All The Dark Horses by Trash Can Sinatras

Said And Done by The Lightning Seeds

Real Love by The Beatles

The Sight Of Love by The Camerawalls feat. Sarah Gaugler

There Is A Light That Never Goes Out by The Smiths

“These are some of my current favorite driving tunes especially during an early morning cruise or on a yellow afternoon with the sun yearning to kiss the horizon,” Clem opines. “Songs that give feelings of tenderness, nostalgia or a hint of sadness… making me feel everyday is like Sunday.”

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