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Whispers and Kisses

Excerpt from Sound Advice
Peopla Asia Magazine | Feb-Mar 2011

The Camerawalls / Bread and Circuses

A surprising selection of songs bitter and sweet, the sophomore release of The Camerawalls, which is the brainchild of Clementine (vocals and guitars) captivates not with predominant satirical lyrics in contrast to their first album Pocket Guide to the Otherworld but with a sound reflecting moody extremes.

The sugary serenades of “A Gentle Persuasion” and “My Life’s Arithmetic Means” complements the heavier tracks — “Longevity,” (with guest guitarist Francis Reyes, former member of The Dawn), and the contemplative “Birthday Wishes” with violin samples highlighting drama then followed by the title track.

The album delivers a new facet and concludes on a whimsical note in a hidden track with fashion designer-musician Kate Torralba free-styling on the piano for the second track.

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