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The Highest High: Our China Crisis Fix

We had an amazing Saturday night! Opening act for the popular 80s icon China Crisis plus backstage access and front row seats to their show. If you missed the gig at The Venice Piazza, the series of videos below is the closest you can get to the experience.

We only played three songs. We were actually required to do two covers but opted to play just one to promote our records. I’m sure the management of Megaworld wouldn’t mind since whatever we play will sound close to the songs we cover. But we are mighty glad and thankful for this opportunity.

Carlo Gaa jammed with us on keyboards. Incidentally, he’s also the keyboard sessionist for entire leg of China Crisis’ shows in Manila.

Girlfriend In A Coma

Clinically Dead For 16 Hours

Bread and Circuses

Earlier during sound check, the acoustic guitar of Eddie Lundon acted up, prompting the band to borrow and use my cheap (but nice sounding) Ibanez acoustic guitar for their entire show. And of course, the idea of having it signed automatically sprung into mind!

My acoustic guitar signed by Eddie Lundon and Gary Daly of China Crisis after using it for their last gig in Manila.

African and White – China Crisis

The Highest High – China Crisis

A Show Of Strange Names

Exactly over a year ago, Colin Gazeley from Bath, United Kingdom sent us a message on MySpace regarding his interest to include ‘Clinically Dead For 16 Hours’ in his play list for one of his podcast.

Click on the play button to listen.

Ourobouros Podcast #81 – A Show Of Strange Names


1: The Camerawalls – Clinically Dead For 16 Hours

2: The Blood Choir – Dark Eyes Journey Through Dark Fire

3: Anemo – Filthy Figure Skater

4: Marnie Stern – Transformer

5: Fagan – When The Lights Go Out

6: Emerald Park – Pasadena

7: The Ox – Spirals

8: [angelcrack] – Crypto

Links to Podcast #81

Ourobouros Podcast – Good Music Is Infinite.