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A Gentle Persuasion (MV)


Official music video for “A Gentle Persuasion” from the EP Bread and Circuses.

Cinematography and Direction: G-nie Arambulo
Animation: Momon Villanueva
Female Talent: Vanessa Balao
Guest keyboardist: Carlo Gaa

Cameras: G-nie Arambulo, Tec Concepcion, Peth Salvador and Lao Laureno

Production Assistants: Jun Tolin, Jeric Castro, Vinz Dee, Joebert Saydokes, Roger Concepcion, Antonette Maniquis, Denise Atas and Sarita Zafra

Special thanks to Adphoto, Powerbooks, A Different Bookstore (Serendra), Vespa Club of the Philippines

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  1. stella #

    Gotta love the Vespas! A wonderful music video for an equally wonderful song! 🙂

    April 8, 2011
  2. I dedicate this song to my crush ❤

    April 7, 2011
  3. yojichan #

    I love all the videos. I think it’s refreshing, light and mood enhancing. I like the concept of the videos and they fit well with the mood of the music. i am tickled with the model’s dress ’cause i have the same dress back in high school. LOL. Cheers to The Camerawalls! ♥

    April 6, 2011
  4. MOD is the first word that came in my mind after seeing the drawing. Nice mod bicycles Clem!

    April 6, 2011
  5. Salutes to the camerawalls. I ♥ your MV’s!

    April 6, 2011

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