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Rich In Love At Timbre (Part 2)

…continued from Rich In Love At Timbre (Part 1)

Our first gig at Timbre, despite the rain, wasn’t bad for a Tuesday night. It was delight to find many Filipinos in the crowd and some locals who have been following our music since last year.

A Visit to the Timbre Music Academy

The excitement of the night didn’t wear off till the wee hours of the morning. We overslept during the day crushing our plans to take a stroll around the city. Our itinerary the following day starts with a short stop at Timbre Music Academy. It’s a unique facility that balances the learning curve of their students by providing not only theoretical or technical knowledge but also hone the practical aspects of performing outside the classroom. Timbre operates 6 live music venues across the city, featuring prominent local bands every night and all their instructors gig professionally so they are able to impart practical and proven techniques of a live music performance.

At Timbre Music Academy

Recording my Tip of the Day.

They often ask visiting musicians to contribute a tip of the day to their Timbre Music Academy Facebook page and YouTube channel. The tips can be anything music-performance related and will be recorded inside the academy. I shared some pretty basic strumming tips for those with budding interest in learning how to play the acoustic guitar. Below is the result:


The intro riff is the exact acoustic rhythm section I recorded for our song “The Emperor, The Concubine & The Commoner“. I stressed the importance of learning to play good rhythm. Sure, anyone can be a burning lead guitar player and rip out on solos. But solos occupy a small percentage in most songs, so one’s lead guitar skills are really only ever be as good as his rhythm skills.

Chilling at Timbre @ Old School.

With Sy Low - Timbre's Music and Marketing Manager.

Right beside the academy conveniently lies Timbre @ Old School, an acoustic bar nestled amid creative agencies and art galleries. This acoustic music space and watering hole’s laid back ambiance is just perfect for chilling out. It’s already open early in the afternoon. We chilled out and chatted for a while with Sy Low. She is Timbre’s music and marketing manager and the one directly taking care of us. She shared some of her interesting experiences with musicians they invited over to perform like Bob Dylan and some tidbits from past events.

Old School!

to be continued…

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