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Pamagdoy Tour Diary (Day 2)

With Cebu Daily News

Friday, April 20. Our second day began with a nice breakfast buffet at Cebu Grand Hotel (our official residence in Cebu) followed by an interview with press people from Cebu Daily News arranged by our new friend and indie film producer Beverly Tanedo.

The feature will come out probably two Sundays from now with a write-up by Jason Baguia. Gerard Pareja, their photographer, took some interesting shots at the lobby, by the bar and beside the piano while we goof around with the keys. I also had the opportunity to sit down with Beverly and talk about the pains of being indie (music and film production) as well as a brewing prospect of working together for a music video.

Interview with Cebu Daily News

Noontime Dip

There’s a small outdoor pool on the 7th floor which is just a flight of stairs from our rooms. Never mind how sweltering it is. Never mind the scorching floors. Never mind the hopping mad rays of the sun. We can’t pass up the chance of a short dip since we’re leaving for San Carlos City the next day. We couldn’t last more than forty-five minutes inside the pool. We heard Manila is nearing the 40 degrees Celsius mark. It will be unwise to stay longer.

Handuraw Pizza Gorordo

We arrived at the venue of our first leg around 4pm for late lunch and soundcheck. Surprised to see an old house turned pizza and events place.

Handuraw Pizza Gorordo

Handuraw Pizza is known as the home of the best thin crust pizza in Cebu. And true enough, their Handuraw Special is one of the best we’ve tasted. Even my band mates regarded it as the highlight of their day.

“Can’t resist the pizza and fruit shake despite the stomach problems I was experiencing during those times.” – Bach

“We headed to the venue at around 4pm, had our late lunch with their best-selling Handuraw Special, paired with fruit shakes before we step on stage for a sound check. I noticed some foreign customers digging the Beatles’ songs we usually play when we’re setting up. They thought it was the start of the actual show and applauded right after every song. Clem invited them to come and see the show; and later that night, I saw them sitting right across the stage chilling and bobbing their heads while we’re playing. The rest of the crowd obviously enjoyed the set as they keep on asking for more.” – George

“Medyo nakalimutan ko pangalan ko nung natikman ko ang best seller nila.” – Law

A quick chat with Eric Smith, the marketing manager, revealed some interesting trivia about the place. In Bisaya, Handuraw means “the power to imagine“. The family owned restaurant chain started in 2004. They chose pizza as their specialty based on the results of his mother’s market research on the top 3 favorite food of consumers: chocolate, ice cream and pizza.

The Handuraw Special

Soundcheck at 5pm.

The usual after sound check routine of freshening up and preparing for the gig lasted for three hours. And by the time we’re back in Handuraw, the place is bubbling with people. We saw old friends and acquaintances from Sonicpop Group, 22 Tango Records, Artist Ko, and members of different bands based in Cebu. We also met new ones too. I was able to have a long conversation with Zarah Smith about her experiences and struggles as a musician. She even gave us a CD (which I have yet to pop on a CD player) of her solo album. When the local act Wonggoys started to play, we went downstairs to check them out.

Posing at the 2nd floor area of Handuraw with the Smith siblings, Eric and Zarah.

I always love performing in Cebu. It’s actually my fourth time to play as The Camerawalls. It’s a different experience each time but certainly memorable.

A view from behind.

Receiving a token from Eric Smith of Handuraw after or show.

A member of a Cebuano band The Steven Estebans was present to take pictures/videos and shared this collage of photos on a live Morrissey cover on YouTube.

The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get (Morrissey Cover)

The Cebu leg of our Visayan tour is presented by Lilystars Records, Panay News and Handuraw Pizza in partnership with Cebu Grand Hotel and Cebu Executive Rent-a-Car. 

Check out more Day 2 photos at

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