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Endless Horizons Are Waiting

Our graphic artist for Wanderlust sent us a file copy for printing of the postcard we promised to send to the first 100 buyers of our single. There’s a few more left so buy now and receive this beautiful print with a personal message from us to you.

A gesture made especially to those who made pledges to support our relief drive for the flood victims in Manila. This project is ongoing and we are giving away a large portion of our digital sale for it. You can find more details about this by following this link:

If you have yet to hear the single, here’s a widget for streaming embedded from Lilystars Records‘ bandcamp. Don’t forget to click the buy button and become a good Samaritan for a day!

A larger view of the image. Inscribed with the phrase “Endless horizons are waiting” with a logo of the band on the back of the card. A beautiful keepsake.

Artwork by Justine Basa

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