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A New Record In The Making

I did a little math. It’s been 226 days since our last release (The Sight Of Love Digital Single), 794 days since our last album (Pocket Guide To The Otherworld CD Album), and 389 days since we last recorded in a studio. Last September 10, The Camerawalls turned 3 years old and we really think it’s about time to come out with a new record. This time in an EP format. A collection of 5 songs to close the year.

Tuesday of last week we diligently and officially begun recording new songs, some of them not quite new and has been waiting to be handpicked from a modest collection of materials I wrote over the past year. Things are on a roll with my record label this year and I’m guilty of neglecting my own progress in song-writing. Nevertheless we feel these new batch of songs will not disappoint (ourselves and our current listeners).

Law and I were joined in the studio by our current live session player from label mate The Gentle Isolation. His name is Bachie Rudica, a drummer, whom we believe has adeptly forged a bond with the music of The Camerawalls after five months of gigging together. Also in the studio are award-winning producers and engineers, Jonathan Ong and Robert Javier, to assist us once more in molding our new release. I’ve been personally working with them for over five years and they never fail to produce amazing recordings each time. The two of them are the main figures behind Sonic State Audio situated in Mandaluyong City. The best in the land if I may say so judging on the quality of releases Lilystars have so far.

Below are some hazy pics during the first day of recording our title track Bread & Circuses.

Inside the drum room.

Law's turn on the bass.

Trying out my old Telecaster.

The recording team. The Camerawalls + Sonic State. From L-R: Jonathan Ong, Bachie Rudica, Clementine, Robert Javier, and Law Santiago.

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  1. i wish i can take the photo of the band while recording 🙂

    October 4, 2010

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