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Wanderlust Now Available For An Immediate Cause

In a twist of fate, the supposedly exciting release of our new single Wanderlust was greeted with mishap as one of our band mates suffers the fate of displacement brought about by relentless monsoon rains and floods the height of a giant. He shares the same fate of hundreds, possibly a million Filipinos battling the deadly landscape in and around Manila.

This prompted us, together with our record label and production team, to campaign for a disaster relief through our music by accepting pledges and giving seventy-five percent of Wanderlust's digital sales to this cause.

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Awit Ng Mga Detinidong Pulitikal

CAP  launches “Awit ng mga Detenidong Pulitikal”, calls for freedom of all political prisoners
On the occasion of the President’s 3rd State of the Nation Address (SONA), we urge Pres. Aquino to free all political prisoners.  We also call on artists and fellow Filipinos to heed the call for freedom.

In solidarity with Ericson Acosta and other political prisoners who are currently on hunger strike/fast, the Concerned Artist of the Philippines (CAP), in cooperation with The Camerawalls, launches today the song “Awit ng mga Detenidong Pulitikal.”

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Something Good Ends, Something Better Will Begin

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Another leaf has turned as I spent my birthday week preparing and hosting a musical event. The traditional get together at Lilystars Records’ HQ on the 9th culminated with the launch of The Camerawalls EP “Bread and Circuses” at the Ayala Museum on the 11th.

I bought a whole crispy chicken for the potluck party only to become easily ignored by the wealth of food and alcohol brought along by each one who came. Some were homemade like the dishes prepared by Antonette, our wonder dinner-party hostess. Everyone from the label was present with some surprise guests – good friends who are helping us with our artists and events.

Sharing my chocolate cake.

When they brought in the cakes (there were two, one for Eric Po of Your Imaginary Friends whose birthday falls on the 12th), it’s when I realized it’s official — I’m thirty four! And loving it.

Last year, we had the same party at the exact same date. The following day when I tried to blog about it, I ended up  writing a very insightful tune about my birthday wishes. Indulgent with the momentum, I readily posted a song demo for everyone to hear. You can listen/read about it HERE>>>

The song was realized and published on a proper record a year after and is included in “Bread and Circuses” EP as the only acoustic track in the collection. A simple one with a haunting melody over a root Am chord. To make the song extra special, I tied up with a couple musicians from Australia. Dan Shepherd (a slide guitarist), whom I met during his visit in the Manila, together with his friend Perrin Walker (a violinist), wrote and performed string sections and eventually bounced the recordings to me via email. You can hear their contribution beginning at 1:45 in the player below.

Robert Javier recorded my acoustic guitar and vocal takes, while the rest of the orchestrations that you will hear from beginning to end is produced and performed by Jonathan Ong of Sonicstate Audio, who is also responsible for mixing and mastering the track.

Birthday Wishes – The Camerawalls

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“…a lovely haunting tune, powerful in its Lennon-like lyricism. It has the gravitas of a prayer and the bittersweet insights of a songwriter on the eve of his birthday, reflecting on his life and then-current events (he refers to a female President).” Johanna Poblete, BusinessWorld

Birthday Wishes
Words and Music by Clementine

I call upon the Universe
To never take the shine off common people
Whose eyes are still gleaming with hope
I call upon the President
To limit her ambitions
There are far more greater things in life than power

I wish for peace and love
A better country and a happy coexistence
Longevity of the people I love
All these years I think of nothing, no one but myself
In birthday wishes
Now I think of you.
Now I think of you

I pray to you my sweetest Lord
Paint us a portrait of your Love
I sing to you my dearest friends
Never cease believing
Dreams do come true

I wish for peace and love
A better country and a happy coexistence
Longevity of the people I love
All these years I think of nothing, no one but myself
In birthday wishes
Now I think of you.
Now I think of you

Oh, grant me these wishes
Oh, grant me these wishes
Something good ends, something better will begin
Something good ends, something better will begin
And in this fog i use my heart as a compass
And in the darkness, my faith is my lamp
And in depression I learn the real value of living

Here’s a live clip taken during the EP launch, with Carlo Gaa sessioning on keyboards.

Birthday Wishes – The Camerawalls (Live at Ayala Museum)

All in all it has been a great week. Stressful and tiring, but for the most part fulfilling. (And) I’m grateful to all who contributed and made all these things happen. I leave you with my eternal, yearly birthday wishes. As eternal as I am an optimist, something better will always begin.

A New Record In The Making

I did a little math. It’s been 226 days since our last release (The Sight Of Love Digital Single), 794 days since our last album (Pocket Guide To The Otherworld CD Album), and 389 days since we last recorded in a studio. Last September 10, The Camerawalls turned 3 years old and we really think it’s about time to come out with a new record. This time in an EP format. A collection of 5 songs to close the year.

Tuesday of last week we diligently and officially begun recording new songs, some of them not quite new and has been waiting to be handpicked from a modest collection of materials I wrote over the past year. Things are on a roll with my record label this year and I’m guilty of neglecting my own progress in song-writing. Nevertheless we feel these new batch of songs will not disappoint (ourselves and our current listeners).

Law and I were joined in the studio by our current live session player from label mate The Gentle Isolation. His name is Bachie Rudica, a drummer, whom we believe has adeptly forged a bond with the music of The Camerawalls after five months of gigging together. Also in the studio are award-winning producers and engineers, Jonathan Ong and Robert Javier, to assist us once more in molding our new release. I’ve been personally working with them for over five years and they never fail to produce amazing recordings each time. The two of them are the main figures behind Sonic State Audio situated in Mandaluyong City. The best in the land if I may say so judging on the quality of releases Lilystars have so far.

Below are some hazy pics during the first day of recording our title track Bread & Circuses.

Inside the drum room.

Law's turn on the bass.

Trying out my old Telecaster.

The recording team. The Camerawalls + Sonic State. From L-R: Jonathan Ong, Bachie Rudica, Clementine, Robert Javier, and Law Santiago.

Two Years Of Being

Two years. Two rewarding years of music and friendship. From personal battles to a combo fight and flight for a space in the deadening local music industry. The Camerawalls has forged its way to a bright future, beat into shape and now ready for more growth and progress. With a little help from our dear friends we have played our cards well.

CW Cards

*Illustration by Sarah Gaugler (June 2008)

September 10 marks our second year of togetherness, specifically the day when Law and Ian first met and agreed to form a new band with me.  We were all excited about it especially Ian, who has never played proper drums in his entire life, fidgeting about the prospect of sitting behind a kit.

A Chronology

thecamerawalls1September 1, 2007 – Ian and I hanged out for the first time after almost a year for a jamming session to test his percussive intelligence and sensibility. Turns out he’s a natural. Watch the video taken September 1 of  me and Ian writing a daft song on the spot and jamming it.

September 4, 2007 – Wrote our first song together with Ian called “Changing Horses Midstream.”

September 10, 2007 – The day I formally  introduced Ian Sarabia  to Law Santiago and plans were made for The Camerawalls. Here’s a funny clip of Ian with Law in the background still high with the idea of returning to the music scene.

September 22, 2007 –  “Markers of Beautiful Memories” was written while Ian and I were chatting online throwing lines at each other.

October 26, 2007 – Debut Gig at Gweilos Bar, Makati. “To Be Someone” by The Jam was the first song we played live. This gig featured our new songs “Markers Of Beautiful Memories” and “Changing Horses Midstream” played live for the first time. Click on the song titles to view the live performance.

November, 2007 – Recorded “Markers Of Beatiful Memories.” I reunited with producers/engineers’ Jonathan Ong & Robert Javier (responsible for the production of the O&L album “Moonlane Gardens” which won Album Of The Year in the 2007 Rock Awards), to try the new sound and direction for The Camerawalls resulting into a steady and absorbing recording.

November, 2007  to February, 2008 – Wrote and arranged the rest of the songs for the debut album in the following order: Lord Of The Flies, I Love You Natalie, Clinically Dead For 16 Hours, Ignore My Weakness Don’t Ignore Me, Canto De Maria Clara, The Emperor The Concubine & The Commnoner, Lizard Hiding Under Rocks, Solitary North Star

thecamerawalls-bwMarch, 2008 – Released “Markers Of Beautiful Memories” as a single. First aired on NU 107 and later on was included in the playlist of JAM 88.3. Simultaneously posted in the band’s MySpace the song slowly gained attention and following plus great feedback and reviews.

March to June, 2008 – Recorded the rest of the songs in “Pocket Guide To The Otherworld” at Sonicstate Audio under the production of Jonathan Ong and Robert Javier.

June 15, 2008 – First radio guesting/Live Performance at Jam Sessions (Jam 88.3) promoting the launch of the debut album.

July 2008 – Released our second single “Clinically Dead For 16 Hours.” Apparently an obvious choice by radio stations, friends and fans.

The CamerawallsJuly 3, 2008 – Album Launch at Club Dredd. Watch one of the songs performed here and the Dredd TV interview here.

July 16, 2008 – The POP Shoppe! launch at Gweilos Bar headlined by The Camerawalls.

August 2, 2008 – Video shoot for “Clinically Dead For 16 Hours” and some parts of “Markers Of Beautiful Memories under the direction of B. Canapi. “Clinically Dead For 16 Hours” was released 3 weeks later and enjoyed sizable airtime on MYX and MTV. Watch the video here.

September 10, 2008 – Our first year anniversary.

November 6, 2008 – First Major Gig – MYX MO at Mall Of Asia. Performed “Clinically Dead For 16 Hours” in front of thousands of people.

November 27, 2008 – NU 107 Rock Awards: Nominated for Best New Artist and Best Album Packaging for “Pocket Guide To The Otherworld.” We did not win the award but the recognition as a nominee says a lot.

January 2009 – Released the music video for “Markers Of Beautiful Memories.” Rather late but for a wonderful song little does it matter. It features Sarah Gaugler of our electro pop sister band — Turbo Goth.

January to February, 2009 – The Camerawalls’ Provincial SM Mall Tour (Baliwag, Pampanga, Baguio, Marilao, Lipa). An effort to reach out to our fans and friends outside Manila and promote the debut album. Did sideshows in nearby bars as well in each area.

March 28, 2009 – A mini-concert at Ortigas Park during the yearly celebration of Earth Hour. A memorable gig filled with candlelight in darkened street area of Ortigas.

Pocket Guide To The Otherworld

May 8, 2009 – Launch and release of the repackaged edition of “Pocket Guide To The Otherworld” with a new and more fitting cover art by Sarah Gaugler during the anniversary party of Lilystars Records.

May 15, 2009 – Performed at JAM Musicfest. First time to play live with an electric guitar with these songs: Clinically Dead For 16 Hours and That’s Entertainment (The Jam). Click the title to watch the videos.

June 20, 2009 – Performed at Fete Dela Musique.

August 29, 2009 – Performed at Jackstock – Jack TV’s 4th Anniversary celebration at Eastwood Central Plaza.

September 2, 2009 – Performed alongside a great scottish songwriter Ally Kerr during his visit in Manila. The Camerawalls provided rhythm section during his gig at The POP Shoppe.

September 11, 2009 – Second Anniversary celebration at Gweilos Bar where we first performed as a band. Had a great party with Lilystars Records family, friends and supporters. Performed live two new songs that will appear in the upcoming Lilystars compilation album:  “The Sight Of Love” and “Longevity.”

We are thankful for these two great years. To everyone who shared moments with us, supported us along the way, bought our records and turned up at our gigs and shared our excitement — we are forever grateful. Expect more music in the coming days, months and years ahead. – Clementine