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Pamagdoy Tour Diary (Day 4 – Part I)

Sunday, April 22. The better part of the morning was spent in bed trying to catch up on sleep and nursing a hangover thereafter.  A post gig videoke session with Guido and friends lasted till 5am in the morning. It was too much fun and everyone was singing their hearts out till we can’t sing anymore. But I do remember Mary mentioning “lunch later at the beach” as they drop me and George to the old house where we stayed.

Calatrava Beach House

True enough, an hour past noon, we were on our way to Calatrava to a beach house owned by Guido’s family. Along the way, in search for ice, we caught a truckload of sugarcane parked on the side of the road. When we were told it’s alright to ask for some free sugar cane tubes, George and Bach hurriedly went down our vehicle and approached the truck driver, to which he obliged willingly, pulling around 4 or 5 canes from the sides of the truck.

A truckload of sugarcane.

We drove further along the coastline which allowed us from time to time an enticing view of the ocean and mangroves. When we reached the beach house, we kind of regretted not having extra time to enjoy the place. It was a beautiful spot. The low tides revealed a sandy golden beach front with plenty of corals, shells and sea creatures.

The ocean: inciting and inviting me.

We had lunch on a shaded deck with Mary and Guido’s family over grilled fish, dinuguan, tawilis, steamed shellfish, seaweeds, menudo, paksiw na lechon (leftovers of Rico’s lechon), coconuts, watermelons and sugarcane. The weather was so nice, the food is great, and we love the company of our host and their family. Too bad we don’t have much time to stick around and experience the waves. We have a gig in a few hours and already late for next itinerary.


Tawilis and grilled fish.

Steamed shellfishes

The delicate task of picking the shells. Those are my fingers working on one.

Bach poked a large shell meat.

A family photo.

It was time to hit the road again and cross the mountainous road to Bacolod City. We checked out a cool tree house nearby on our way out.

An old tree house.

to be continued… 

For more photos of Day 4 – Part I, visit

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